ship of the poor people working at sea

Moses and Al-Khudir

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Moses and Al-Khudir

The sermon

One time, Moses peace be upon him gathered a lot of his followers and began preaching. His Khutba (sermon ) was so moving it impressed everyone there. One man asked, “O Messenger of Allah, is there anyone else on earth that knows as much as you”? “No!” Moses replied! meaning, there is absolutely no one on earth that is equal to Moses in knowledge.


The command of Allah

Allah swt Heard and saw what happened and wanted Moses (PBUH) to know the error of what he said. He wanted to show him that no matter how much knowledge he has, there is always someone out there that has more. Allah swt Commanded Moses to travel to a certain place and meet up with a man.


Losing the fish

Moses (PBUH) told his servant of the journey and how they’ll not rest until they reach the junction of two seas. He took his servant and packed a fish with them for food. They began their journey and kept going until the reached a place which had a rock. Moses (PBUH) decided to take a rest for a while there. While they were resting, the fish amazingly began slipping and went to the waters while the servant was watching.

After the rest, Moses (PBUH) and his servant took off until they reach the junction of two seas. Moses felt a little hungry and asked his servant to bring them their food [The fish].

The servant said “Do you remember when we rested by that rock? I forgot the fish there and only Shaitan [Satan] made me forget to mention it to you. It started slipping away and went into the sea amazingly”

Moses told his “This is the sign I was waiting for” And they began to journey back to that place.


Moses (PBUH) meets the man.

Once they arrived to the place where they forgot the fish, they met a man. This man [Alkhudir] was given mercy and Knowledge from Allah (swt). Moses (PBUH) said ” May I follow you so you teach me some of your wisdom and judgement” ?

The man said “You will not be able to bear patience” Moses Said “You will find me to be patient and in sha’a Allah I will not disobey a command of yours”. Moses sent his servant back and he took off with this man.


The journey of the ship

They began their journey by riding a small ship. Once they road it and began sailing, this man tore open a part of the ship and it became damaged! Moses was surprised and angered by this and said “Did you damage it to cause everyone on here to drawn”? The man said “Did I not say that you will not be able to bear patience”?

Moses apologized and said, “pardon me and don’t blame me for what I forgot and don’t put more hardship on me”. They reached a harbor and they got off the ship

ship of the poor people working at sea. ( Moses didn't know why it was damaged)

The ship


The unjustified killing

They took off from the harbor until they reached a place and met boy. This man [Al-khudir] grabs this boy and kills him!!!!! In the law of the Jews at that time, if a person has killed someone else or is causing corruption in the land, he or she is to be killed.

This boy did absolutely nothing. Yet, Alkhudir killed him which was shocking to Moses (PBUH). Moses said “Did you kill an innocent and pure soul without him having killed someone!!!!! You have indeed brought a horrible horrible thing”!!!!!

The man said, “Did I not say that you will not be able to bear patience”?

Moses said ” If I asked you about something else, then you have every right to part ways with me. I can’t blame you if you did”

The Kudhir killing a boy ( Moses didn't know why he was killed)

The boy who was killed for no reason


The wall and the parting of ways.

They continued their journey until they reached a village. They were so tired and had no food, water, money or anything. They began knocking on doors and asking for these things. The people of this village were the cheapest and they denied them everything. They didn’t even offer them water to drink!

The man [Alkhudir] saw a wall that was about to collapse, so he went and got some things and prevented the wall from falling.

Moses (PBUH) said ” If you want, you can charge someone for that” meaning, he could ask someone for some money so they can eat or drink something. The man had had it with Moses (PBUH) and said, “That’s it… This is where we part ways. But before that, I will explain these actions to you”.

The wall that is hiding the treasure  ( Moses didn't know why he wouldn't charge anyone for it)

The cracked wall that is about to collapse



The journey of the ship (EXPLAINED)

As for the ship, it belonged to some poor people that worked at sea. There was a king that took every ship he liked from anyone he wanted. I wanted to damage the ship so this king wouldn’t want to take it because it’s in a bad shape!.


The unjustified killing (Explained)

As for the boy, his parents were believing people. And Allah sat that he would overburden them by transgression and disbelief. Allah wanted to replace this boy who was (Evil) with a better one who is better to his parents and has more mercy.


The wall (Explained)

As for the wall, it belonged to a couple of boys that weren’t old enough yet. Their father was a good man and had hidden a treasure for them underneath it. Had the wall collapsed, the treasure would have been exposed and they couldn’t prevent anyone from taking it from them. Allah swt wanted them to grow up and then cause them to find it as a mercy from him. I didn’t do any of those things just because I wanted to. That is the explanation of what you couldn’t be patient to understand.



This story is in the Quran in Chapter 18 verses 60-82 (Click here to read the verses)