The Hairdresser Of Pharaoh’s Daughter

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My dear brothers and sisters. As salaamo Alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

As we all know, many people [especially men] call women weak and other names as well. Today’s story is about a woman that should be an example for all people. It’s the story of the hairdresser of Pharaoh’s daughter.

Before and during the time of Moses (PBUH), the pharaoh [King, Ruler, or Commander] of Egypt, had enslaved the children of Israel and the Egyptians alike. He had told everyone that he was lord and they are to worship him. The Pharaoh of Egypt was ruthless and everyone feared him. He had no problems killing anyone that went against his will for the simplest reasons.

The Hairdresser & Her children

There was a simple woman during the time of Moses that believed in his message. She was the hairdresser of Pharaoh’s daughter [Some said Daughters] She was practicing her faith and worshiping Allah [God] in the private of her home and in secret in the palace where she worked.

One day, while she was combing the little girl’s hair, she dropped the comb and accidently said “Bismillah” [In the name of God].


The little girl looked at her and said “In the name of my father?” The hair dresser said “No! I mean Allah, who is my lord, your lord and the lord of your father” Pharaoh’s daughter was angry and told her father about what had happened.

The Pharaoh asked for the woman to be brought to him and she was. He asked her “do you have another God besides ME” “When were you a God to begin with?”
She replied!!

The Pharaoh was furious by her words and threatened to kill her and her children if she didn’t renounce her believe and acknowledged him as her Lord and God. She refused to give up her faith regardless of the threats he made.

The pharaoh asked for a cow to be made out of copper with a hollow body. The cow was made and brought in front of him. Pharaoh had already asked his soldiers to arrest her children and bring them to the palace.She had 4 children and was about to see what no mother ever has to see.

A fire was lit inside the cow and Pharaoh’s soldiers grabbed the first child. He asked her to say HE [Pharaoh] was her Lord and God. She didn’t say that and stayed on her faith with all her heart. He then in front of her ordered the soldiers to throw the child inside the cow. The soldiers did it and in front of her own eyes, the flesh of her own son was burning and a the smell of his burning body filled the place.

His guards grabbed the second child and asked her the same thing and she held strong on her faith and didn’t fear the Pharaoh. He gave an order to put this child inside the cow too and she had to watch him burn alive just like the first one.

The smell became harder and spread everywhere. The mother was all tears and heartbroken for the loss of her children. The Guards grabbed the third one and did the same thing because she Wouldn’t leave her faith.

He then ordered the guards to grab the smallest child. He was just a baby a few months old. He threatened to put him inside the cow and burn him too if she doesn’t back out of her faith and accept him as her God. She almost gave in and was about to accept Pharaoh as her God just to save her child. Her child spoke [A few months old] and said “Mother, you are on the right path. Stay strong” She told Pharaoh that she only had one God. The God of Moses and heavens and the earth. The Pharaoh had the baby thrown inside the cow and was burning alive just like her other three kids were. She was crying to have seen all her children die like that and the smell was filling the place!

The pharaoh then said “Now, you’re the only one left. Take her and burn her too” Before they threw her in, she asked if she could make a request, The pharaoh laughed and said “Yeah!! What do you want?” She replied “Please, collect my bones and the bones of my children and bury us all in the same grave” The Pharaoh replied arragontly and said “You got it” And just like her children, she too was burned alive inside that copper cow by pharaoh’s soldiers.


During the Journey and Ascension of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when he entered heaven, he smelled a scent that covered all heavens. He asked Jibreel (PBUH) what it was, and then Jibreel (PBUH) told him this story.


I ask the almighty Allah (swt) to keep us all safe and sound in our homes and never have any mother face this kind of trial and tribulation. May Allah (swt) keep us all safe and grant us Jannah and always Guide us to the straight path, Amenز